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In this session on your training day, we're going to look at some of the more specialized holidays we offer at BC Travel. Now, the travel business is very competitive and it's important to be aware of how the market's changing and developing. In terms of age groups, the over 65s are an important market and one that's increasing steadily year on year. Here, the fewest holidays are taken by 31 to 42year olds, and that figure shows no sign of rising. The biggest market at present is still the youngest group, the 16 to 30s, but this group's also seen the biggest drop over the last few years, whereas there's a noticeable growth in the number of holidays taken by the 55 to 64-year-olds. As far as the 43 to 54-year-olds are concerned, bookings there are steady, but I have to say we haven't seen the increase we expected. One trend we're noticing with nearly all age groups is the growing popularity of holidays in which clients do some kind of specialized activity. I'm not talking here about adventure holidays, where clients take part in high-risk activities like white water rafting just for the thrill of it. Activity holidays usually involve rather less high-risk sports or things like art and music. They're not necessarily cheaper than ordinary holidays, often the opposite. But they do often take place outside the main tourist centres, which allows clients to find out more about the local people and customs. And many say this is one of the most positive features of these holidays. Of course, they offer the chance to develop a new skill or talent, but clients often say that more than this, it's the chance to create lasting relationships with other like-minded people. That's the main draw. Let me give you some examples of BC travel activity holidays. Our painting holidays take place in four different centres in France and Italy, and they're very popular with clients of all abilities from beginners onwards. We've got an excellent team of artists to lead the classes. Some of them have been with us from the start and five additional ones will be joining us this year so that we can offer a greater number of classes in each centre. As far as cooking holidays are concerned, I know a lot of agents offer holidays where clients cook recipes related to one particular country, usually, the one they're staying in, but we focus on dishes from a great many different ones. Apart from that, you'll find the usual emphasis on good quality, and organic ingredients that are more or less a given nowadays, and there are generally some meat-free recipes included. Our photography holidays take place in a wide range of countries, from Iceland to Vietnam, and clients have the opportunity to see some stunning scenery. Groups are small, no more than eight, so clients can have one on one tuition during the holiday. And excursions are arranged with fully trained guides. At the end of each holiday, an exhibition is held of the photographs taken so that clients can see one another's work and receive valuable feedback from the tutor. Finally, let me tell you about our fitness holidays in Ireland and Italy. We run one-week general fitness classes for all ages and levels of fitness. Clients start the course with a consultation with a trainer, and together they draw up an individual program. As well as improving general fitness, clients find that they end up losing much of the stress they've built up in their daily lives. In Greece, we have a two-week holiday for clients who want to do something about their weight. This has all the features you'd expect, like a personalized diet program. But one of its most popular features is that the exercise classes are all held on the beach. People say it's far preferable to being in a gym. Finally, we offer several holidays in Morocco. One very popular one is the mountain biking holiday. Bikes are provided and there are different routes according to people's abilities. We offer one which is tailored to the needs of families, which is particularly popular.

Fill in the Blanks Game

Question 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER  for each answer.







Which age group shows the biggest drop in holidays taken?

What is the main draw of activity holidays?
Create relationships.

How many artists will be joining the painting holidays this year?

What is the maximum group size for photography holidays?

Where are the fitness holidays held?
Ireland and Italy.

What is a popular feature of the weight loss holiday in Greece?
Beach exercise.

In which country are the mountain biking holidays offered?

How many different centers host the painting holidays?

What kind of recipes are focused on in cooking holidays?
Various countries.

Which age group is the biggest market at present?

Specialized (adjective): Designed or developed for a particular purpose or activity.
Example: BC Travel offers specialized holiday packages for photography enthusiasts.

Steadily (adverb): In a consistent, regular manner; without fluctuation.
Example: The number of holidays taken by the over 65s has been steadily increasing.

Drop (noun): A significant decrease or decline in quantity or value.
Example: The youngest age group experienced a noticeable drop in holiday bookings.

Activity (noun): A specific action or pursuit undertaken for leisure, entertainment, or learning purposes.
Example: Clients can choose from a variety of activities during their specialized holidays.

High-risk (adjective): Involving a potential danger or hazard.
Example: Adventure holidays often include high-risk activities such as rock climbing or bungee jumping.

Emphasis (noun): Special importance, value, or significance placed on something.
Example: Cooking holidays at BC Travel place emphasis on using organic ingredients.

Organic (adjective): Produced or grown without the use of artificial chemicals or pesticides.
Example: The painting holidays offer participants the chance to paint with organic pigments.

Scenery (noun): The natural features of a landscape or environment.
Example: Photography holidays provide opportunities to capture breathtaking scenery.

Exhibition (noun): A public display of artwork, photographs, or other items of interest.
Example: An exhibition is held at the end of each photography holiday to showcase participants' work.

Consultation (noun): A meeting or discussion to seek advice or obtain information.
Example: Clients have a consultation with a fitness trainer to design their personalized program.

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