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new city developments


You. Good morning. I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to say a little about two exciting new developments in the city the Brackenside open-air swimming pool and the children's adventure playground in Central Park. As many of you may know, the idea for these initiatives came from you, the public, in the extensive consultation exercise that the City Council conducted last year. And they have been allies using money from the Swrdc. The Southwest Regional Development Commission.First of all, Brackenside pool. As many of the older members of the audience will remember, there used to be a wonderful open-air pool on the seafront 30 years ago, but it had to close when it was judged to be unsafe for the design of this new heated pool. We were very happy to secure the talents of internationally renowned architect Ellen Wendon, who has managed to combine a charming 1930s design which fits in so well with many of the other buildings in the area with the minute features such as a recycling system, the only one of its kind in the world, which enables seawater to be used in the pool. Now, there's been quite a bit of discussion in the local press about whether there would be enough room for the number of visitors we're hoping to attract, but the design is deceptive, and there have been rigorous checks about capacity. Also, just in case you were wondering, we're on schedule for a June 15 opening date and well within budget, a testimony to the excellent work of local contractors.Hickman.We hope that as many people as possible will be there on June 15. We have engaged award-winning actress Coral White to declare the pool open, and there'll be drinks and snacks available at the poolside. There'll also be a competition for the public to decide on the sculpture we plan to have. At the entrance, you will decide which famous historical figure from the city we should have. And now, moving on to the Central Park Playground, which we're pleased to announce has just won the Douglas Award for safety. The news came through only last week. The unique design is based on the concept of the global village, with a playground being divided into six areas showing different parts of the world, each with a representative feature. For example, there is a section on Asia, and this is represented by rides and equipment in the shape of snakes orangutans tigers and so on. Fauna is native to the forests of the region. Moving south to the Antarctic, we couldn't run to an ice rink, I'm afraid, but opted instead for climbing blocks in the shape of mountains. I thought they could have had slides for the glaciers, but the designers did want to avoid being too literal. Then onto South America, and here, the theme is El Dorado games, replicating the search for mines full of precious stones and then moving up to North America. Here, there was considerable debate. I know the contribution of cinema and jazz was considered. But the designers finally opted for rockets and the International Space Station eastwards to Europe. Then, and perhaps the most traditional choice of all the areas medieval castles and other fortifications. Then, last but not least, moving south to Africa add a whole set of wonderful mosaics and trails to represent the great rivers of this fascinating and varied continent. Now, the opening date for our global playground is the 10 July. And again, we'd love to see you there. So make a date and come and see this magnificent original new amenity right in the heart of the city.

Fill in the Blanks Game

Question 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER  for each answer.

new city developments






Name the two new developments in the city.
Swimming pool, playground

Where did the idea come from?

Who provided the funding?

Who was the architect?
Ellen Wendon

What is the unique feature of the pool's design?
Recycling system

When is the opening date for the pool?
June 15

Who will declare the pool open?
Coral White

What will be decided through a competition?

What award did the playground win?
Douglas Award

When is the opening date for the playground?
July 10

Consultation (noun): A process of seeking and considering opinions, ideas, or feedback from a group of people before making decisions.
Example: The government held public consultations to gather input on the proposed policy changes.

Deceptive (adjective): Giving a false impression or misleading appearance.
Example: The product's packaging was deceptive, as it made the item look larger than it actually was.

Rigorous (adjective): Thorough, strict, and demanding high standards.
Example: The scientific study underwent rigorous peer review before it was published in the journal.

Testimony (noun): Evidence or a statement given by a person as a witness, often in a legal or formal context.
Example: The witness provided compelling testimony that helped convict the defendant.

(verb): To involve or participate in an activity or event.
Example: The organization engaged volunteers to help with the charity event.

Replicate (verb): To recreate or reproduce something exactly.
Example: The artist tried to replicate the famous painting using the same techniques and materials.

Literal (adjective): Exactly true or accurate, without exaggeration or metaphorical interpretation.
Example: He took her words too literally and missed the underlying meaning of her message.

Fortification (noun): A defensive structure or building designed to protect against attacks.
Example: The ancient city had impressive fortifications, including tall walls and strong gates.

Varied (adjective): Diverse or different in various ways.
Example: The menu offered a varied selection of cuisines from around the world.

Amenity (noun): Something that adds comfort, convenience, or enjoyment to a place or environment.
Example: The hotel offers various amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and spa facilities.

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