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This is the 06:00 news for Tuesday, the 25 November and first, the headlines. The Prime Minister has promised to help the drought-stricken farmers in the northern part of the country who hadn't seen rain for nearly two years. And in Sydney, a group of school children are successfully rescued from a plane which landed in the sea shortly after takeoff. The transport workers are on strike in Melbourne over a pay claim and the strike looks set to spread to other states. And on a fashionable note, there's to be a new look for the staff of Qantas, Australia's national airline. The Prime Minister has pledged today that he will make $250,000,000 available to help the drought-stricken farmers who have not seen rain for years get through the next five years. Money that was to have been spent on the restructuring of Sydney's road system has been reallocated to what the Prime Minister described as a more worthy cause. Farmers are to receive financial assistance to help see them through the worst drought in over 50 years. Many farmers feel that while the money is welcome, it has come too late to save them and their farms from financial ruin and are angry that the government did not act sooner. A group of school children who were travelling in a privately chartered aeroplane from Sydney to Queensland to take part in a musical concert found themselves swimming for the shore when their aeroplane had to land in the sea. Just three minutes after taking off from Sydney Airport the pilot managed to bring the aircraft and its 50 passengers down safely in the calm waters of Botany Bay where boats and pleasure craft were able to come to the rescue of the boys. The fact that it was a weekend meant that there were hundreds of boats in the bay enjoying the good weather and this undoubtedly helped the rescue operation. We owe our lives to the skill of the pilot, said one of the boys. But the pilot replied modestly that it was all part of a day's work. However, all their musical instruments were lost and they never got to play at the concert.

Fill in the Blanks Game

Question 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER  for each answer.

news headings






1. What is the date of the news bulletin?
 25 November

2. Who is the Prime Minister helping?
Drought-stricken farmers

3. How long has it been since the farmers last saw rain?
Nearly two years

4. Where did the plane land after takeoff?
In the sea

5. Why are transport workers on strike in Melbourne?
Pay claim

6. What is the strike likely to do?
Spread to other states

7. What is the new look for?
Staff of Qantas

8. How much money has the Prime Minister pledged?

9. What was the money originally intended for?
Restructuring of Sydney's road system

10. How long has the drought been going on for?
Over 50 years

Drought-stricken (adjective): Suffering severely from a lack of rainfall or water.
Example: The farmers in the region are struggling to grow crops due to the drought-stricken conditions.

Pledge (verb): Promise or commit to doing something.
Example: The government pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% within the next decade.

Financial ruin (noun): Complete loss of financial stability or bankruptcy.
Example: The economic crisis led many businesses to face financial ruin, resulting in massive job losses.

Reallocated (verb): Assign or designate something to a different purpose or recipient.
Example: The funds originally allocated for education were reallocated to support healthcare initiatives.

Privately chartered (adjective): A mode of transportation arranged for the exclusive use of a specific group or individual.
Example: The company organized a privately chartered yacht for its executives to travel to the conference.

Calm waters (noun phrase): Serene or tranquil sea conditions without strong waves or turbulence.
Example: The beach was crowded with swimmers enjoying the calm waters on a hot summer day.

Rescue operation (noun phrase): Coordinated efforts to save people in danger or distress.
Example: The mountain rescue team conducted a daring rescue operation to save the stranded hikers.

Modestly (adverb): In a humble or unassuming manner.
Example: Despite his extraordinary accomplishments, the Nobel laureate always speaks modestly about his achievements.

Musical instruments (noun phrase): Devices used to create or produce music.
Example: The orchestra members carefully packed their musical instruments before the concert.

Lost (verb): Misplaced or no longer in one's possession.
Example: I accidentally lost my keys while shopping and had to get a locksmith to replace them.

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