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telephone numbers parts 3


It. Listen to people asking directory inquiries for telephone numbers. For the places below, write down the correct numbers. Directory inquiries. Which town, please? Oxford. What name? I'd like the number of the John Radcliffe Hospital, please. John Radcliffe Hospital.The numbers Oxford.Six four seven double one.Thank you.Directory inquiries. Which town, please? Birmingham. What name? The Odion Cinema, please.Odion Cinema?Yes. The numbers are 021-930-2738.Thanks. Bye.Directory inquiries. Which town, please? Manchester, please. What name? Could I have the number for the Shangri La restaurant? Shangri La? Yes. The number is 061-439-4576.Directory inquiries. Which town, please? London. What name? London University, please.The University of London.The number 80542.Thank you.Directory inquiries. Which town, please? Bristol, please. What name? I'd like the number for County Hall. County Hall, Bristol, 8070.Directory inquiries. Which town, please? Edinburgh. What name? British Airways office.British Airways. Yes. The numbers are 031-897-4567. Thank you. Bye.

Fill in the Blanks Game

Question 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER  for each answer.

telephone numbers parts 3






Which hospital in Oxford?
John Radcliffe

Number for John Radcliffe Hospital?
Six four seven double one

Cinema in Birmingham?
Odion Cinema

Number for Odion Cinema?

Restaurant in Manchester?
Shangri La

Number for Shangri La restaurant?

University in London?
London University

Number for London University?

County Hall in Bristol?
County Hall

British Airways office in Edinburgh?
British Airways

Directory inquiries: The service that provides telephone number information to callers.
"I called directory inquiries to find the phone number for the nearest restaurant."

John Radcliffe Hospital: A specific hospital located in Oxford.
"My friend was admitted to John Radcliffe Hospital for surgery."

Odion Cinema: A cinema located in Birmingham.
"Let's go watch the new movie at Odion Cinema this weekend."

Shangri La: A restaurant name mentioned in the conversation.
"Shangri La is known for its delicious Asian cuisine."

London University: Referring to the University of London, a renowned educational institution.
"She completed her undergraduate degree at London University."

County Hall: A specific location in Bristol.
"County Hall in Bristol is a popular venue for weddings and events."

British Airways: An airline company offering domestic and international flights.
"We booked our tickets with British Airways for our vacation to New York."

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