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ielts reading lesson - matching paragraph headings

Strategies to answer the questions

● Quickly read through the paragraph headings so you can see what they say.

● Then look at the first paragraph.

● Often only the topic sentence needs to be read carefully because the main idea and answer are there – you may be able to just skim the rest.

● Sometimes, however, the answer is not in the topic sentence and the whole paragraph needs to be read more carefully.

● If a match is not immediately obvious, move on to the next one.

● If you are unsure between two answers at first, put them both in. You may be able to eliminate one answer later if it fits another paragraph better.

● If at the end you are still stuck between two answers for a question, pick which fits best.Things to beware of

● There are always more choices of paragraph headings on the list than paragraphs, so be careful when matching them.

● Watch out for synonyms – often words in the paragraphs and paragraph headings will not be the same; they will be synonyms.

● Having a noun from a heading that is in the paragraph does not guarantee they match – you still need to read it carefully to check

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