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Thank you for calling Millennium Office Supplies. If you would like to place an order, please press one. Your call has been placed in a queue. A customer service operator will be with you shortly. Gina speaking, how can I help you? Oh, hello. I'd like to order some stationery, please. And who am I speaking to? John Carter. Right. Can I just confirm your account number and the name of your company? John? Sure. The account number is 6924 double 169-2411.Right.And you're from Rainbow Computers? No, the company is Rainbow Communications. Oh, okay. I'll just fix that on the system.Communications.And what would you like to order, John? Envelopes. We need a box of four. What are normal-size envelopes? White, yellow or Manila.We'll have plain white, please, but the ones with the little windows.Okay, one box, a four, white. Just the one box, was it? On second thoughts, make that two boxes. We go through heaps of envelopes. As a matter of interest, are they made from recycled paper? No, you can't get white recycled paper. The recycled ones are grey and they're more expensive, actually. Right. We'll stick to white then. Something else, John? Yes. We need some coloured photocopy paper. What colours do you have? We've got purple, light blue, blue, light green, whatever you want. Pretty much there are 500 sheets in the pack. Let's see we're going to need a lot of blue paper for our new price lists. So can you give us ten packs, please? Make sure it's light blue, though. Ten packs of light blue.Anything else that we can help you with? Let me think about what else do we need. I'm sure there was something else. Pens, paperclips, fax, paper, computer supplies, office furniture oh yes, we need floppy discs. Do you have those nice coloured ones? Yes, but they're a bit more expensive than the black ones. Oh, that's all right. I'm not paying anyway. Right, floppy discs.And what about diaries for next year? We've got them in stock already and it's a good idea to order early.No, I think we're all right for diaries. But something we do need is one of those big wall calendars. One that shows the whole year at a glance. Do you stock those? We certainly do. Okay. Can you include a wall calendar then, with the other stuff? Just make sure it's got the whole year on the one side.Sure.And do you have a copy of our new catalogue? No, I don't, but could you send one? Yes, I'll pop one in with the order. You'll find it a lot easier to remember what you need if you have our catalogue in front of you next time. Yes, good idea. And when can you deliver this? Should be with you tomorrow morning. Can you make sure that it's not after 11:30 a.m.?Because I have to go out at twelve. There's only me here on Fridays. Fine, I'll make a note on the delivery dock that they should deliver before 11:30.Thanks very much. Thanks.

Fill in the Blanks Game

Question 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER  for each answer.







1. What should you press if you want to place an order?

2. Where has the caller's call been placed?

3. Who will assist the caller shortly?
Customer service operator

4. What is the name of the person who answers the call?

5. What does John want to order?

6. What is the name of John's company?
Rainbow Communications

7. How many boxes of envelopes does John want initially?

8. What color of envelopes does John want?

9. How many packs of light blue photocopy paper does John want?

10. What does John want in addition to the other items?
Wall calendar

Queue - (noun) a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed.
Example: There was a long queue outside the concert hall as people eagerly waited for the doors to open.

Stationery - (noun) writing and office materials such as paper, pens, pencils, and envelopes.
Example: She stocked up on stationery before starting her new job, ensuring she had all the necessary supplies.

Account number - (noun) a unique identification number assigned to an individual or organization's account for reference and tracking purposes.
Example: Please provide your account number for verification before we can process your request.

Envelopes - (noun) flat, usually rectangular paper covers used for enclosing letters or documents.
Example: She sealed the invitation in an envelope and placed a stamp on it before dropping it in the mailbox.

Recycled - (adjective) referring to a process where waste materials are converted into reusable materials to reduce waste and conserve resources.
Example: The company made an effort to use recycled paper for its packaging to promote environmental sustainability.

Photocopy paper - (noun) paper specifically designed for use in photocopy machines or printers.
Example: The office manager ordered a bulk supply of photocopy paper to ensure there was enough for all the staff members.

Packs - (noun) a collection or quantity of items wrapped or boxed together.
Example: She bought a pack of chewing gum from the store to keep in her bag for fresh breath.

Floppy discs - (noun) a flexible magnetic storage medium used for saving and transferring data, commonly used in older computer systems.
Example: The technician inserted the floppy disc into the computer to install the necessary software.

Diaries - (noun) books or journals used to record personal thoughts, experiences, or daily events.
Example: She diligently wrote in her diary every night, capturing the highlights of her day.

Catalogue - (noun) a book or publication containing a list of items available for sale, often with descriptions and prices.
Example: The furniture store's catalogue showcased a wide range of stylish and modern pieces.

Delivery - (noun) the act of bringing goods or services to a recipient's location.
Example: The courier company promised fast and reliable delivery of packages to customers across the city.

Wall calendar - (noun) a large calendar designed to be hung on a wall, displaying dates, months, and sometimes additional information or images.
Example: She marked important dates on the wall calendar in her office to stay organized and never miss appointments.

Stock - (verb) to have or keep a supply of goods available for sale or distribution.
Example: The supermarket always stocks a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for its customers.

Pop - (verb) to put or place something quickly or briefly.
Example: She popped the letter in the mailbox before rushing off to catch her train.

Catalogue - (noun) a book or publication containing a list of items available for sale, often with descriptions and prices.
Example: The furniture store's catalogue showcased a wide range of stylish and modern pieces.

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