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winning in a lottery ticket


And here are the prizes in the lottery. Has everybody got their tickets? Good. Well, the 7th prize is ticket number 115.115. The 6th prize is number 1770. Oh, 1770. The fifth prize goes to ticket number 1919. Now, let's see who wins the fourth prize. It looks like yes. Number 309.309 is the lucky number. Now we have three more prizes. Okay, the third prize goes to ticket number 59.59, right? And the second prize goes to ticket number 1990. Who has ticket number 1990 in second place? Finally, the first prize for the lucky first prize winner is ticket number 40.

Fill in the Blanks Game

Question 1-8

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER  for each answer.

winning in a lottery ticket






1. What is the ticket number for the 7th prize?

2. Which number wins the 6th prize?

3. What is the ticket number for the 5th prize?

4. Who wins the 4th prize?

5. How many more prizes are there after the 4th prize?

6. What is the ticket number for the 3rd prize?

7. Which ticket number wins the 2nd prize?

8. Who is the first prize winner?
Ticket number 40

Marine creatures - (noun) living organisms that inhabit the sea or ocean.
Example: Whales, dolphins, and fish are all marine creatures.

Charities - (noun) organizations that aim to help and support a particular cause or group of people.
Example: The Red Cross and Oxfam are well-known charities.

Awareness - (noun) knowledge or understanding of a particular issue or situation.
Example: The campaign raised awareness about the importance of recycling.

Voluntary - (adjective) done, given, or acting willingly without payment or obligation.
Example: She dedicates her free time to voluntary work at a local shelter.

Population - (noun) all the inhabitants of a particular species in a specific area or region.
Example: The population of lions in that national park has been steadily decreasing.

Campaigning - (verb) taking action to promote or advocate for a particular cause or issue.
Example: The environmental activists are campaigning for stricter pollution regulations.

Conservation - (noun) the act of protecting and preserving the natural environment and its resources.
Example: The conservation of endangered species is crucial for maintaining biodiversity.

Elusive - (adjective) difficult to find, catch, or remember.
Example: The rare bird species proved elusive for birdwatchers to spot.

Sponsor - (verb) to provide financial support or assistance to an individual, organization, or event.
Example: The company decided to sponsor the local youth soccer team.

Identify - (verb) to recognize or establish the identity of someone or something.
Example: The detective used fingerprints to identify the suspect.

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