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What is an Interrogative Adjective? Examples & Usage | Tips and Tricks

Definition of Interrogative Adjective

An interrogative adjective is a type of adjective that is used to modify a noun or pronoun in a question. These adjectives are used to ask a question about the identity or nature of the noun they modify. In English grammar, interrogative adjectives are also known as question words or wh-words, as most of them start with the letters “wh.”

Table of Interrogative Adjective

Importance of Understanding Interrogative Adjectives

Understanding interrogative adjectives is crucial for those who want to master the English language. These adjectives are frequently used in both written and spoken English, and they help us to ask questions in a clear and concise manner.

Example in Simple Sentences

What time is it?
Which book do you want?
Whose car is parked outside?
Whom did you invite to the party?

Example in Complicated Sentences

What is the name of the person who designed this building?
Which of these two dresses do you think looks better on me?
Whose idea was it to go on this trip?
To whom did you send the email?

Tips and Tricks for Using Interrogative Adjectives

Remember to place the interrogative adjective before the noun it modifies.
Pay attention to the context of the question to determine which interrogative adjective to use.
Practice using interrogative adjectives in both written and spoken English.

Using Interrogative Adjective in Writing

Interrogative adjectives can be used in writing to ask questions and to engage the reader. For example:

What are the main benefits of this product?
Which of these options is the best for you?
Whose opinion do you agree with the most?

Using Interrogative Adjective in Speech

Interrogative adjectives are commonly used in speech to ask questions and to clarify information. For example:

Who is coming to the party tonight?
Which way should we go to get to the beach?
Whose turn is it to clean up the kitchen?

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t confuse interrogative adjectives with interrogative pronouns. Interrogative adjectives modify nouns, while interrogative pronouns replace them.
Don’t forget to place the interrogative adjective before the noun it modifies.
Don’t use interrogative adjectives in statements. They are used only in questions.

Correct: Which book did you read last night?
Explanation: “Which” is an interrogative adjective in this sentence because it is asking about a specific noun, “book.” It is correct because it modifies the noun and forms a question.

Incorrect: What is your favorite color car?
Explanation: “What” is an interrogative pronoun, not an interrogative adjective, as it is not modifying a specific noun. In this sentence, “car” is the noun being asked about, but “what” does not modify it. A correct sentence using an interrogative adjective would be “Which color car do you prefer?”

Short Sentence Examples of Interrogative Adjective

Whose dog is driving that car?
What color is the wind?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
How many hairs are there in a giraffe’s tail?

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