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What are Agent Prepositions? | Examples, Tip & Trick & PDF

Definition of Agent Preposition

An agent preposition is a type of preposition that shows the person or thing that performs the action of the verb in a sentence. The agent preposition is used in sentences with the active voice. It’s important to note that not all prepositions that introduce an agent are agent prepositions. For example, prepositions like “with” and “by” can also introduce an agent in a sentence, but they are not considered agent prepositions.

Table of Agent Prepositions

Usage of Agent Prepositions

Agent Preposition in Active Voice

Agent prepositions are used in sentences with an active voice. In an active voice sentence, the subject of the sentence performs the action of the verb. For example, in the sentence “The cat chased the mouse,” the cat is the subject and is performing the action of chasing.

Agent Preposition in Passive Voice

Agent prepositions are also used in passive voice sentences, where the subject of the sentence receives the action of the verb. In a passive voice sentence, the agent preposition is often introduced by the preposition “by.” For example, in the sentence “The mouse was chased by the cat,” the mouse is the subject and is receiving the action of being chased by the cat.

Examples in Simple Sentences

The teacher was impressed by the student’s presentation.
The baby was carried by her mother.
The house was built by a team of construction workers.

Examples in Complicated Sentences

The research paper was written by the team of scientists who conducted the experiment.
The concert was enjoyed by the audience, who were mesmerized by the talented musicians.
The election was won by the candidate who promised to improve the economy.

Tips and Tricks for Using Agent Preposition

Using agent prepositions correctly can be challenging, but here are a few tips and tricks to help you get it right:

Be Clear and Specific:
Make sure you are clear and specific about who is performing the action in your sentence. Use the agent preposition to clearly indicate the subject of the sentence.

Use Active Voice:
Whenever possible, use the active voice in your sentences. This will help you to use agent prepositions more effectively and create stronger sentences.

Don’t Overuse Agent Prepositions:
While agent prepositions can be useful, it’s important not to overuse them. If you use too many agent prepositions in a sentence or paragraph, your writing can become repetitive and awkward.

Using Agent Preposition in Writing

Agent prepositions are commonly used in academic writing, journalism, and technical writing. They are particularly useful when you need to be clear about who is performing an action.

Using Agent Preposition in Speech

Agent prepositions are also important in spoken English. When you are speaking, using the agent preposition can help you to communicate more clearly and avoid ambiguity.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Confusing agent prepositions with instrumental prepositions
Using the wrong preposition to introduce an agent
Using passive voice incorrectly

Short Sentence Examples of Agent Preposition

The cake was eaten by the dog, who then blamed the cat.
The book was written by the author, who is now hiding from the critics.
The car was driven by the teenager, who had just gotten their license.

FAQs About Agent Preposition

In passive voice sentences, the agent preposition is often introduced by the preposition “by.”
Some common mistakes include confusing agent prepositions with instrumental prepositions, using the wrong preposition to introduce an agent, and using passive voice incorrectly.
CUnderstanding agent prepositions are important for effective communication in English, particularly in academic writing and journalism.
Be clear and specific, use active voice whenever possible, and don’t overuse agent prepositions.

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