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What are Instrument Prepositions? | Examples, Tip & Trick & PDF


Prepositions are integral components of the English language, aiding in communication by describing the relationship between nouns and other words in a sentence. One subset of prepositions is the instrument preposition, which describes the manner in which an action is performed using an instrument.

Explanation of Instrument Preposition

An instrument preposition is a word that links a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence, indicating the instrument used to carry out an action. Examples of instrument prepositions include “by,” “with,” and “using.”

Table of Instrument Prepositions

Usage of Instrument Prepositions

Example in Simple Sentences

The cake was baked by Sarah.
The book was written with a pen.
The vase was painted using a brush.

Example in Complicated Sentences

The scientist conducted the experiment with precision using specialized instruments.
The artist created a stunning masterpiece by painting with an array of brushes.
The musician played the complex melody on the piano with ease.

Tips and Tricks for Using Instrument Prepositions

Determine the instrument used to carry out the action.
Choose the correct preposition that accurately describes the manner in which the action was performed.
Be consistent in your usage throughout a piece of writing or speech.

Using Instrument Prepositions in Writing

I caught the ball with my bare hands!
She sang the song beautifully, using her guitar as accompaniment.

Using Instrument Prepositions in Speech

Using the wrong preposition to describe the instrument used, such as saying “slicing a tomato by a knife” instead of “slicing a tomato with a knife.”
Omitting the preposition entirely, such as saying “I wrote the letter pen” instead of “I wrote the letter with a pen.”

Correct: “I wrote the letter with a pen.”
Explanation: “Pen” is an instrument preposition because it indicates the tool used to write the letter. This sentence is correct because it uses “with” to specify the instrument used.

Incorrect: “I opened the door with my feet.”
Explanation: While this sentence does use an instrument preposition, “with,” it is incorrect because it uses the wrong instrument to open the door. “Feet” are not typically used to open doors, so this sentence creates confusion and makes the meaning unclear. A better way to phrase this sentence would be “I opened the door with a key.” or “I opened the door with my hands.” depending on the actual instrument used.

Short Sentence Examples of Instrument Preposition

The astronaut fixed the spaceship using duct tape.
The student aced the test with a lucky pencil.
The chef cooked the meal with love and a pinch of salt.

FAQs About Instrument Preposition

Proper usage of instrument prepositions can enhance the clarity of your speech and writing, avoiding confusion and potential misinterpretation.
Yes, instrument prepositions can be used in a variety of contexts, such as cooking, music, art, and sports.
Common mistakes to avoid include using the wrong preposition or omitting the preposition entirely.
Yes, instrument prepositions can be used in both writing and speech, adding emphasis and enhancing descriptive quality.

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